The new military fiction trilogy by former Green Beret-turned Author Robert Patrick Lewis

The Pact Book II: Battle Hymn of the Republic is the third book by former Green Beret-turned author Robert Patrick Lewis, and his second foray into the world of fiction.

The Pact Trilogy is a 3-book series, a fictional story based on current events, the authors experience in Special Forces and first-hand knowledge of geopolitics and global intelligence.

“The Pact” combines global politics, combat, economics, conspiracy theories and Special Forces history into one nail-biting fiction work; think Dan Brown meets Tom Clancy meets Red Dawn.

Already hailed as “so realistic and plausible that it’s terrifying,” “an on the edge of your seat thriller that will have you looking in your rearview mirror for enemy troops” and “the next great franchise in the world of military fiction,” “The Pact” is going to change the way Americans look at their government and safety for the                                                          rest of their lives.

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“Red Dawn with a modern Special Operations twist.  As a combat veteran and fellow SOF warrior, Robert’s Lewis’s incredibly detailed yet disturbingly realistic story of a full scale invasion of America by a coalition of terrorist organizations and nation states made me want to grab my guns and gear up to join the fight…The weapons and equipment descriptions were vividly accurate, the team/military banter was humorous and on point, and the underlying tone that in the darkest times, there will always be men who will stand against tyranny and chaos and uphold the values of the American spirit, filled me with pride.  If have ever thought about the downfall of America and thought you would stand and fight no matter what, this book is for you.”

Jason Redman – US Navy SEAL (Retired) and author of The Trident – The Forging and Reforging of a Navy SEAL Leader

“One of the best books I have read in a very long time.  The Pact gives a peek into the brotherhood and bonds formed around the US ARMY Special Forces.  It is a real wake up call for what could happen in our country.  Entertaining and well written, the reader will learn so much about preparedness, while emerged in the relationship between these three former Green Berets and their families.” 

-GI Jenn, host and CEO of Warrior Talk Radio

“Wars of resistance aren’t won by untrained amateurs who stumble onto the battlefield with heads full of TV-inspired war fantasies. They’re won by warriors, like those in this book, who take years to train, plan, and prepare. They’re won by those who make a Pact to resist, and follow through with that Pact.”

-Chris Hernandez, author of “Proof of Our Resolve” and “Line in the Valley”

“From the moment you start reading this book you feel like part of the mission, Robert Lewis draws you in deeper with each passing moment until you are a part of “The Pact”. A masterfully done piece of literature that will make you rethink your comfortable existence.” 

-Justin Jordan, author of “And Then I Cried: Tales of a Mortuary NCO”

“Written by one who’s ‘been there, and done that.’ The lingo, the mission and the story-line couldn’t be more genuine.”

-Jeffrey Denning, author Warrior SOS

“If you were a fan of the short-lived television show Jericho, either of the Red Dawn movies or the Australian film Tomorrow When the War Began you will love this book. First in the series, Robert Patrick Lewis a former Special Forces Medic sets up for a very plausible future for America, a future where the fight has come to our doorstep.”

“I honestly couldn’t ‘put the book down’ (well, my e-reader, I couldn’t put my kindle down) and can’t wait for the next installment in the series…”

“While Clancy could bring in technical consultants (as could similar authors) Rob was there, he saw urban warfare with his own eyes and has his experiences and those of his friends to draw on to make a believable series.”

“The Pact is just plain fun. It’s a fully realized “what if, sh*t hits the fan” scenario, backed up with tactical know-how, with two feet placed firmly in the current military and political/economic climate….”

“I was a fan of Rob’s autobiography and first book, Love Me When I’m Gone, and The Pact certainly carries the torch. There’s a lot of themes, sub plots, and twists worked into this book. I can’t wait for the next installment.”

“Once I started this book, I couldn’t put it down! It’s exciting, nerve wracking, and well written! The author did a great job jumping from Non-fiction and fiction.”