The Gateway Project

A few years ago, a fellow Special Operations veteran & friend of mine shared the following declassified CIA memo regarding “The Gateway Project” with me.

At first it sounded a little far-fetched, until I realized the link was on the CIA website as part of their declassification push.

When I read through the memo below I was astounded. With my background as a 32nd Degree Mason and my research into conspiracy theories and supernatural claims that many occult groups have had over the years, I realized that this was all very familiar to me.

This added a completely new storyline to The Pact Book II, and if you’re on this page I imagine you already know what I’m talking about. I went back to the drawing board and incorporated this into the storyline because I felt it was a way to not only make the story much more interesting but also to pass along some of the peculiar things in life which most people would find too hard to believe – until you realize that different groups have claimed these abilities for centuries and the quantum physicists (and apparently intelligence organizations) have put a significant amount of research into.

The gallery below contains screenshots of the memo in question, and there is another memo below this gallery with a description of the program itself. And if you feel this is too far out to believe, you can read it directly on the CIA website rather than the images below:

Program Description

The gallery below contains a description of “The Gateway” program, taken from a memo in the same declassified CIA reading room. Like a good author, I did some research into the program and The Monroe institute who created it.

The program is still available today, so of course I ordered it. If you’re the type of person who partakes in meditation, I’ll just say that it’s a very interesting program, and you can find free samples on The Monroe Institute website here:

(note: you’ll need a pair of headphones or earbuds to properly use the program)

I did not receive any money for putting The Gateway project in this book, nor do I receive any money if you buy any of their programs – I just think it’s an interesting program, and if you want to know more about where this part of the story came from it’s worth a little digging!

If you’d like to read this memo on the CIA site rather than the gallery below, here’s the link: