Deep Underground Military Bases

The attack on Denver International Airport in The Pact was the first part of the book in which something came out of left field and opened a completely new aspect of the storyline. Most readers loved it, but some were caught off guard and wondered where that came from.

I’ve been astounded speaking with my readers to learn that very few of them know about the many conspiracy theories surrounding Denver International Airport and a national network of underground bases, so I’ve been waiting with baited breath until The Pact Book II: Battle Hymn of the Republic was published to add this to the website and help you understand where this came from.

As I’ve said many times, i’m a huge fan of conspiracy theories. Most of this is because I’m cynical and don’t believe everything that we’ve been taught – it just doesn’t add up for me, given all of the research I’ve done into history and religion (conspiracy theories are part of what led me to become a 32nd Degree Mason – since they all lead there, I wanted to know if there was any credence to them).

But sometimes, just sometimes, a conspiracy theory opens the door to something you never thought possible, and further research begins to show you an entire part of the world that you never knew existed, but begins to make a lot more of what you’ve learned make sense.

The videos above are just a few short clips regarding the many conspiracy theories about Denver International Airport being the hub of one of these theories of Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMB’s). If you really want to unravel this thread, there are plenty of other videos on YouTube and articles across the web regarding the network of DUMB’s around the nation – including the ones just outside of Washington D.C.

Happy hunting!