Drug Cartels + Terrorists

One of the main tenants for the premise of The Pact Trilogy is the collusion between South American/Mexican drug cartels and our enemies (Russia, China, Iran & Hezbollah) to sneak guerrillas and foreign fighters onto US soil.

I made this prediction based on a few conclusions:

  1. If you need to smuggle any type of contraband across US borders, the cartels are the Subject Matter Experts
  2. With a well-known lack of morals on the part of cartels, need of both parties for the others’ skills (cartel smuggling operations, Al Qaeda, Iran & Hezzbolah fighting tactics) it only made sense they would band together to share skills & information to accomplish their goals. Deep pocketed funding from Saudi oil money to terrorists groups could easily make this happen.
  3. Reporting that pockets of fighters have been sneaking across our porous southern border for decades
  4. It’s precisely how Special Forces infiltrated Iraq for the OIF invasion.

If you watch the video above, the documentary “Sun City Cell” by Judicial Watch you’ll find this was yet another correct prediction set out in The Pact Trilogy – yet another point at which, while this may be fiction, the fact the entire trilogy was based on actual intelligence, current events and geopolitics should scare any American who cares about the future of our nation.